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Dear Ture Sjolander,

The larger the ring, the more scientists can accelerate the particles. It is
similar to cars driving around a race track. If the ring is too small, the
cars will fly off the track.

There is nothing magic about the number 27. It could have been 45.


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Subject: Enquiry Hadron Collider at Fermilab

To the Large Hadron Collider Experiment staff.

Can any one tell me or the whole world for that Matter, Why the Size of
"the ring" has to be 27 km ?
Why not 27 meter or 270 kilometer?

I find the question having great relevance!

Ture Sjolander

PS/ A less important second question: Why is it named "Dark Matter", as "it"
is invisible or transparant or not even found, yet.

Please forward the question to whom it may concern, it you can't respond to